White Genocide Traitors Always Claim Objectivity

Traitors Always Claim Objectivity

One of the most surprising things in Robert Ardrey’s revolutionary 1960’s book, African Genesis, was his description of animal heroism and self-sacrifice for the group.

Before that time, animals had been assumed to be selfish. A mother might fight for her calf, but even in those instances of Mother Love, they backed off when the threat became mortal.

Only humans were heroes.

Ardrey gave repeated instances where social animals, even in the lower ranks who were not allowed to breed and leave their own individual genes, quite purposely gave their lives for the survival of their group!

Lone animals survive only when their own genes survive, but social animals evolve by groups.

Long before Ardrey was born, everybody knew what a Human Rat was. It has always been routine for Human Rats on the losing side to suddenly begin yelling about how they had been wrong all the time.

Russian Tsarists became total converts to Bolshevism in 1919.

Professional criminals develop a sudden Thirst for Justice when the cops start to win.

When over the years White Genocide became fashionable, all the little people suddenly developed “A Loyalty to All Mankind.”

They’re Rats.