White Genocide Mommy Professor is a Priest; His “God” is Time

Mommy Professor is a Priest; His “God” is Time

I remember very well when Communism was the Future. In the 1950s, the only alternative to a Communist future was a democratic socialist future like the one being imposed on Britain by the Labour Party.

Today the Labour Party spends a lot of time insisting that absolutely nothing it does has anything to do with “Old Labour,” the Labour Party policies that were once Mommy Professor’s Inevitable Future.

Today polls in RUSSIA say that RUSSIANS who did not live under the Soviet Union want it back.

But nobody else does.

Mommy Professor’s kids under Bernie Sanders STILL insist that “the times are on their side.”

And many sincere religious groups insist, as they have for two thousand years, that the Day of Judgement is AT HAND.

As even Jesus said, God will come when HE wishes. Even Christ did not know the time.

Marxism is a religion.

Instead of “God Wills It!” they shout, “It is Inevitable!”

They keep insisting that they must be right because “This is 2016,” just as they used to insist “the Labour Party must be great because this is 1952.”

Reality is not affected by a Marxist calendar.

It’s time we put those who say they know History in the same category with those who claim to know the hour of the Judgement Day.