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We are excited about having you on our side in this fight!  This campaign is just as much about YOU & YOUR FAMILY as it is about Bob.  Although being public with your activism is more effective, there is still a lot you can do to help if you wish to remain anonymous.  Social Media has become a crucial instrument for spreading our message & provides the ability to remain anonymous if you choose.  Are you ready to stand up against this global program of WHITE GENOCIDE targeted against YOUR FAMILY & HERITAGE?  Check out the list below to get ideas of what you can do to help fight the ANTI-WHITE system!



Get Active
Hang banners, post signs, pass out flyers, get creative in your methods of spreading awareness to White Genocide!  Get the media involved as well, call or email local TV & radio stations to let them know about the activism taking place in their community.
Social Media
Use the commenting systems on popular news articles to spread the message to the masses.  Remember you can always create anonymous accounts to take part in online activism!
Tweet or Retweet posts using the hashtags #WhiteGenocide or #AntiWhite!
Use your facebook account to share posts from popular pages like Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-WhiteWhite Genocide ProjectThis is Europa.
Tell Friends & Family
Call, e-mail, or snail mail your friends and family and tell them about white genocide.  Remember, there are plenty of ways to send anonymous email!