Reality The Silence on Animal Behavior

The Silence on Animal Behavior

Admit it or not, I think about everybody here has seen “Meerkat Manor.”

The real behavior of meerkats would have been astounding to anyone in the 1950s. But since then books on societal animals’ behavior have been best sellers. Everything that every one of today’s philosophies was built on has been rejected.

You would have difficulty believing that well into the 1960s it was assumed that no animal group held territory. Only Man had Borders.

1960’s birds only chirped to attract mates. Now we know they are staking their claim, exactly the same way we do. But by the 80’s the whole mythology of Nature had been blown to hell.

But here is the point: Nobody noticed.

From the point of one who remembers the BASIS of every ideology people follow today, what is most interesting about the meerkats is what DIDN’T happen.

The class system is strong in every social animal. Rousseau and Marx declared, and others believed, that animals were totally innocent of any of man’s restrictions.

Marx declares that human history is a class struggle. Actually, once again, let us look at the meerkats for what DIDN’T happen. Only the number one female is the absolute boss of the whole meerkat group.

Only she may have any offspring. Only she can decide who goes and who stays.

The documentary shows a fight between the number one female and her challenger.

No one mentions what DOESN’T happen here.

According to Marx and every theory Mommy Professor argues about in 2012, when the Ruling Class is battling one on one for dominance, all the other meerkats, the sterile and oppressed ones, would unite to drive both of these Ruling Class Despots out.

Meanwhile, on Planet Earth, that NEVER happens. Not with meerkats, not in a buffalo herd, not in a chicken yard.

History has nothing to do with Class Struggle. In Russia, the battle after Lenin’s death was over whether Stalin or Trotsky would be the new Czar.