Reality Just So History is A Hell of an Argument. It is Also Funny

Just So History is A Hell of an Argument. It is Also Funny

It is no great secret that whoever you are interrogating, his story always comes around to how he’s innocent.

This leads to a VERY important debating technique.

I pointed out in my last book that Political Correctness suddenly ran into a devastating problem.

First, American Indians were always kind, loving, and honest. Above all, the American Indian was in love with Nature, they lived WITH Nature, unlike Evil white people who rape Nature for fun.

This led to that old ad with the Italian guy playing an Indian and having tears in his eyes about how his Beloved Nature was being attacked.

Then the Nature Freaks and the Indian Freaks ran head on into a problem: It was discovered that the huge animals like mammoths disappeared from America at the very time the Indians appeared here. Those large animals had been here for ice age after ice age.

The Indians obviously ate them. But that wouldn’t do. So a new theory is now accepted throughout academia that there was a Special Crisis, a Crisis that had nothing to do with Indians, that wiped out whole species of big, meaty animals just BEFORE the Indians got here.

More recently, having put this to bed, our established religion ran head on into an even WORSE nightmare. One of the bases of white genocide is that Evil Whites took America from Native Americans.

Then it was suddenly discovered that whites were here FIRST!

And THEY disappeared, too, just when the Loving Indians took over!

In for a penny, in for a pound. A way had to be found.

So once again, it turned out that just before the Indians got here, there was ANOTHER titanic disaster that got rid of the white people just like that special disaster that got rid of all the big, meaty animal immediately BEFORE the Native Americans got here.

That was one hell of a time. And two unprecedented disasters hit at just the right moment.

Oh, and there’s another in reserve. It was that the perfectly timed biggy disaster may not have completely wiped out the whites. This theory says whites stayed and America was a MELTING POT!

Nobody makes fun of this but me. I was an interrogator and I always ask, “Why was this information produced?”

That Indian crying the tear about white assaults on Nature actually got so obviously funny it was mocked on Married With Children. If we made fun of how every Politically Correct problem always ends up being explained in purely Politically Correct terms, we could laugh and destroy anti-whites.

One commenter pointed out that the most powerful argument he actually uses is calling anti-whites “silly.”

You find that things like this work only by getting in there and using them.

Simply explaining these humorous things can deal them a blow nothing else can.

But the institution Jared Taylor runs, and even David Duke’s, require a consistent stern, stern approach.

The main real reason people don’t use Mantra logic is because it violates their own self image.

This is serious stuff, you see. This is The Crisis.

And so forth.