Reality It is Written

It is Written

The word “progressive” means that one has accomplished what Merlin did, but in more detail and over a longer period. The English language allows to you to “move” in any direction, but “progress,” by definition, is toward a very specific goal.

In the literal sense, to be progressive means you are accepted as a prophet who knows exactly how history is going to turn out. If you accept that Political Correctness is our national religion, you will never question this.

And the fact that this is never questioned demonstrates how totally we have accepted that religion. Our idea of religion, faith in things unseen, includes prophets as routinely as a Catholic accepts Mass. That faith includes belief in prophecy.

But since it never occurs to us what our established religion is, we never call it prophecy.

But that is the essence of our established religion. It sees “religion” as something that either agrees with the True Faith or does not. But the essence of Political Correctness is that, unlike “religion,” it needs no faith.

Political Correctness does not say that it is religion. It assumes that every sane or decent person is politically correct, whose job is to chastise and, if necessary, to punish those who stray from the path.

A Politically Correct person believes that “his truth is marching on,” that it will trample out the vineyards where the grapes of wrath — Hate — are stored.

But no one mentions that it would impossible to pass a thread- let alone a camel, between that and religion.

No one simply says, as they did in the old movies, “Father, I am not of your faith.”

Or the equivalent, “I don’t believe you.”

In the case of Eastern Europe, when right and left ask routinely whether Eastern Europe “is ready for immigration yet,” absolutely no one asks WHY Eastern Europe should be “ready” for it.

Everybody takes the reasons for granted and we LET them. Eastern Europe is WHITE, therefore mass immigration and assimilation of nonwhite races is its Inevitable Future.

One does not question the prophecies of one’s established religion. In fact, one is not even AWARE of them. We could use the same words Jesus did for our unthought-of prophecies: “it is Written.”

OUR prophets do not rely on faith. Their words are in the Books and no one questions them. Who could confuse that with a mere religion, a mere opinion?

william_rusherWilliam Rusher was publisher of National Review from its beginning in 1955, for three decades. It took him twenty of those years to bring back some news from the political front the staff had not heard.

Then it appeared in the New York Times. Once he noticed that he began to see it again and again: “No one at National Review believes anything until it appears in the New York Times.”

In fact, they call the New York Times, “The Medium of Record.” It is absolutely impossible to distinguish that title from Jesus’ words, “It is written.”

But nobody mentions that. In fact, nobody but BUGS even KNOWS that.

The only way to prove that one is truly free from adultery is not to THINK of adultery. The only way to be truly clean of heresy is not to THINK of heresy.