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Flat Earth Philosophy

Wordism cannot allow freedom of speech because Wordism is based on a particular set of opinions. That is what Wordism IS. Discussion of differing opinions makes a Wordist society unstable.

A society baseAfrican Genesis Coverd on loyalty to race can allow freedom speech. But it cannot allow freedom of LOYALTY. In America before the Slave (“Greatest”) Generation, a person whose basic outlook was a hatred of his own kind was considered sick. Now it is considered the highest morality.

That is because we are now a Wordist society.

Robert Ardrey destroyed the whole basis of Wordist society in African Genesis. His basic thesis is disputed, but the points he made about natural behavior destroyed Rousseau’s view of the world forever.

The idea that animals have no property, no borders, no wars, no territory and no class system would be laughed at by any literate perJean-Jacques_Rousseau_(painted_portrait)son today. But our society is based on those exact premises.

The right set of words will unite all mankind. The right set of words will remove class distinctions. The right set of words will remove borders. The right set of words will end conflict. Every debate is about the right words we should use to reach those ends.

It follows from these outdated premises that America has nothing to do with the people who happen to be here. What America is All About is American Principles.

Principle is the code word of Wordism.

As Ardrey pointed out, loyalties in all social animals are complex, and man’s is the most complex of all. He described a normal man from Georgia in the 1960s, who would have loyalty to his state, his country, his race, his family, his college football team, his high school team, and on and on and on.flat_earth_turtle_modern_sociology

Wordism says a human being should have NONE of the feelings a social animal is born with. He is only interested in Principles.

Our society is based on ideas that are as dead as a Flat Earth.

When you suppress any instinct it comes out another way. Whites are not indifferent to their own race, they can’t be. So whites HATE their own race. There is every bit as much awareness of race today as there ever was. In fact white countries that never thought of race before are now obsessed with it.

So the first question is, why is our entire world view based on assumptions that died two generations ago?