Politics Why None Dare Call It Treason

Why None Dare Call It Treason

It is now official that Ted Kennedy was working with the Communists, while the Cold War was still on, to defeat Reagan.

Old but true: “Treason never prospers, for when it prospers, none dare call it treason.”

Incidents like this are simply forgotten. But the Kennedy incident was part of what I advisedly call a titanic movement when the entire left pulled out all the stops to save the Soviet Union.

The Strategic Defense Initiative was invented by Jerry Pournell, a science fiction writer. He is from Louisiana and therefore, in my objective opinion, a genius. Its aim was exactly what it accomplished, to destroy the PSYCHOLOGICAL equality of the USSR as a Superpower.

The USSR had stolen enough nuclear and rocket capability to be able to assure that it could cause tens of millions of deaths in a United States without any defense against ICBMs. But the very idea of competing against the United States in developing ANYTHING was impossible for the USSR.

The technology needed to be part of MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, was in place by the seventies. In fact, the old bomber-based MAD would have still worked before 1960.

The much-touted Sputnik of 1958 which showed the Soviet lead in space was done by a rocket Americans had had in their warehouses for years.

You won’t see any of this elsewhere folks. For me, knowing it is like a mechanic being able to replace a sparkplug.

This is why SDI, which Kennedy called Star Wars, was a death blow to the USSR’s Superpower status.

The titanic effort I spoke of involved every resource the Left had, from moderate Republicans to comedians. A TV movie was dedicated toSupermanIV_communist it, which was enormously publicized but a total flop.

The last Superman movie was dedicated to it, which is why it was the last.

The day SDI was announced, the Soviet crumble moved into a collapse. Its economy was already crumbling, its invincibility lay entirely in its nuclear capability.

Russia could have fielded more nukes and more troops without too much trouble. Just cut rations a bit.

But the USSR had no scientific capability, certainly not at the Star Wars level. Firing a bullet someone taught you how to make is one thing. Developing a technology to shoot down a bullet is a whole different ball game.

A ball game they could not play.

The giant initiative which involved the mind-boggling power of the entire left argued that 1) SDI was a waste of money, it wouldn’t work, and 2) It would work and cause nuclear war: the Soviets would attack us while they still could before SDI was completed.

At the same time the Left argued that Moscow was for peace.

This was a massive initiative on the part of hundreds of thousands of Americans for whom supporting the USSR and making all dirty tricks out to be American Intelligence dirty tricks was all or a major part of their livelihood.

One of the funniest statements Reagan made, a joke no one was allowed to catch, was saying we would share research on SDI.

He was aware of the same thing every president since Roosevelt had been aware of: There WAS no “Soviet research” to share with. Their only research that mattered was spies.

This Nuclear Freeze Movement was so huge it had to be eclipsed by the fall of the Soviet Empire to get it out of the history books.

Yes, Senator Kennedy did leave a record of working outright with the Soviets, but nobody is surprised.

And what happened to those hundreds of thousands of professional pro-Communists?

Every single one became an Environmentalist.