Politics Response Letter to National Review

Response Letter to National Review

nat_rev_trump_thugsDear Sir,

In your April 11 issue, James Kirchick called Donald Trump “a coward.”

Why White-Nationalist Thugs Thrill To Trump

The thugs you talk about were not the mob that showed up to deny Trumpeteers the right to peaceably assemble and to destroy free speech.

No, the article was devoted to denouncing people like Sam Dickson, a lawyer who dared defend Klansmen who could not afford adequate legal help on their own.

For this act Sam was called “a sometime Klan lawyer.”

Kirchick goes on to brag about how he loves the Constitution.

Apparently he loves that document only so long as it is represented by the ACLU.

Forty years ago, on June 9, 1978, you had a cover article calling me a “Country and Western Marxist”.

I led and represented a march of thousands of the people who would later be called “Reagan Democrats”, then you called them “Wallace Democrats.” Establishment conservatives, as the title of the article shows, called someone like me who actually worked with what they considered the dirty old working people a “Country and Western Marxist.”

On Election Day, everyone up there called those voters “Reagan Democrats.”

And every one of you forgot that Commie label.

Cowards like you never admit mistakes.

And not everyone there joined in your blind stupidity. Bill Rusher did the Foreword to my first book and gave me a life subscription to his magazine.

I hope there are still people at National Review who don’t go along with cowardly thugs like James Kirchick.


Robert Whitaker
Independent Presidential Candidate