Politics If We Are Heretics, Who is Your Pope?

If We Are Heretics, Who is Your Pope?

Respectable Conservatives make their livings by avoiding the questions that matter.

Respectables make liberal interviewers feel comfortable.

I can’t get an interview because I ask nothing BUT the wrong questions.

So we have an endless barrage of respectable and liberals shouting that Trump is heresy.

But the way to not be interviewed is to demand to know exactly WHAT Trump is a rebel AGAINST.

Libs and cucks only shout “heresy.”

But to get specific about that heresy they must not only talk about Trump, they must talk about THEMSELVES.

Who IS Trump offending? That must be our establishment/Pope.

They do not dare to not be clear about who THEY are. They would have to admit that THEY are America’s ruling establishment.

They openly suppress anyone who insists on knowing what THEY are. Where do they get this power to declare heresy from?

The establishment power rests on their Popish ability to declare things heresy.

Their “diversity” simply means locating too many white people in one place and chasing them down.

A country with too may whites is ordered to bring in colored immigrants.  A community with too many whites is FORCED to become more colored.

And we are specifically BANNED from saying “diversity” means chasing down whites.

Diversity” is their Holy Word.

Trump says America is being overwhelmed, not by immigration, but by third world immigration.

Anti-whites are required to talk about the Great Culture and wisdom of the third world.

No one is allowed to point out that the reason those immigrants desperately needed to leave the third world is because the third world is a disaster THEY let happen.

I stated in the New Right Papers that “Mexico is poor because it is inhabited by Mexicans.”

The definition of insanity is to the same thing and expect different results.

Establishment types are always bitching about how Bible Belt religions is the reason for the bigotries and evil of the South.

Trump says that we can’t afford Islam here for the exact same reasons the establishment uses to attack Jimmy Swaggert.  Their spokesmen regularly say how great it would be if they seceded from the South.

In other words, anybody who demands that the establishment say openly just WHO it is that Trump is offending and WHAT it is he is being heretical about will force the establishment to ADMIT IT IS AN ESTABLISHMENT.

Three months to the election, and that is the time we have to force the establishment to state exactly who they ARE.

Nothing could be more important.

They scream that someone cannot SAY this or that.

So who ARE you?