National Issues What is Islam “Taking Over?”

What is Islam “Taking Over?”

I find it amusing when people call the Moslems a “takeover.”

A takeover of WHAT?

The real lesson of Islam is that it has a unity, mutual loyalty. It has, in short, a SOCIETY.

Islam is “taking over” pieces of land that are dedicated to having no loyalty, no cohesion, and a doctrine whose only tenet is self-hatred.

Islam is teaching a very old lesson: that a people united around SOMETHING is on its way to domination.

No former society that is on its way down admits that it is a former society on its way down. We call it things like “freedom,” but no generation before the Greatest Generation ever thought for a moment that “freedom” by itself constituted a social system.

We say our disadvantage is that we are “tolerant” while Islam isn’t.

The actual society which we used to have had a slogan: “People won’t put up with that.”

How long has it been since you heard THAT one?

Now it is “Blacks won’t put up with that” or, “The government won’t put up with that.” The concept that there is a “people” that won’t put up with ANYTHING was beaten out of the Greatest Generation.

Ever since the blankness of the Boot Camp and Rationing Generation, one after another group, Youth Movements, minority movements, ideologues on the left and the right have been trying to find something to put in the blank place where our society, “the People who wouldn’t put up with that,” once stood.

Islam is not as fanatically and monomaniacally anti-white as Christianity is today. I am amused by people who talk about Islam taking US over while simultaneously arguing that there IS no US.

Moslems have children. Moslems are very much divided, but don’t look for the divisions in a society to be defeated by people who have no society at all.

We have banned celebration of the only religious holiday recognized by the Federal Government, Christmas, with its red-cheeked Santa and its Nordic elves and Bing Crosby music, which was the last thing we had that reflected the kind of unity among us that Islam has in all its symbols.

What, exactly, IS it that Islam is “taking over?

If you leave a place deserted, how can you object to someone else moving in?