National Issues Tyranny is Free Speech With Exceptions

Tyranny is Free Speech With Exceptions

Stalin’s Constitution of 1936 declared more freedom than did any US constitution, state or Federal. But those announced freedoms were limited by one small problem: No one could exercise them if they would interfere with Purposes of the State.

We are told that “Hate is not free speech.” Throughout history the motto has been that “Heresy is not free speech.”

By that definition, everybody has free speech. Slaves were permitted to say anything they wished, so long as it did not interfere with the will of their masters.

It amuses me to hear someone refer to “the Constitution.”

We all know that “the Constitution” is the current opinion of five lawyers who had the political clout to get appointed and confirmed.

The “right to bear arms” means that five of these lawyers are currently of the opinion that statistical, not “constitutional” data, shows that this so-called “right” is good public policy. This “right” to bear arms is never considered a right. It is a temporary decision by five lawyers that people carrying guns is good or bad.

This has nothing to do with a Constitution. This has nothing to do with a “right.”

As with Stalin, the so-called “right” to free speech is now simply the right to speak if it doesn’t cause trouble.

Every established religion and tyranny in history had free speech according to those criteria. The Medieval Church, slaveholders and Mao-Tse Tung all agreed that they allowed free speech, with certain exceptions:

1) Heresy was not free speech;

2) Free speech was all right if it didn’t make trouble; or

3) Stand in the way of the purposes of society.

Those three exceptions are all accepted by America today, by the left and by the respectable right.