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The Key to Freedom

Is it allowing Heresy or expanding the Inquisition?

The key historical event for the Founding Fathers was the Inquisition and the religious wars.

In our time, the key event is the Holocaust.

In fact, it will not be long before “trivializing the Holocaust” will be a crime, for which Germans and probably some Englishmen will be imprisoned and Americans will be shouted down.

Trivializing the holocaust means mentioning any other historical event or mass murder in the same context as the Holocaust.

So, discussing Stalin’s mass murders or the Chinese cultural revolution, in any way putting the Holocaust in perspective, will go from being disapproved as it is now, to an actual crime.

The Founding Fathers considered the Inquisition and the religious wars, one of which wiped out a third of the population of Germany, the outstanding events of their day.

So today, the key to freedom is considered to be stopping any thought that might be considered the cause of the Holocaust.

The Founding Fathers had a concept of freedom, which was based on ALLOWING ideas rather than stopping incorrect ideas.

This fundamental mentality makes the Founding Fathers impossible to understand.