National Issues Take Off Those Dumbass Skirts!

Take Off Those Dumbass Skirts!

The Catholic version of the Bible quotes Jesus as establishing the Papacy in the person of Saint Peter.

The Pope’s robes are traditional. He is also dressed in robes to be recognized as a monarch of his tiny Vatican realm.

But what the HELL are a bunch of United States Government workers doing running around in ROBES?

The Catholic Bible establishes the Papacy as the ultimate authority of his Church and on the meaning of the Bible.

But how in hell does the United States have a Supreme Court which dresses in robes and acts as the Pope of the Constitution?

The Catholic Bible has Jesus specifically singling out Peter as Pope.

Where the hell does the Constitution set up the Federal courts as ITS Papacy?

As to what the Founding Fathers thought, Hamilton in the Federalist Papers talks a lot about the balance of power between Congress and the President.

But he simply states that the Federal courts will be “too weak” to be any threat to the other branches.

This does not envision the present courts, the Popes of the Constitution!