National Issues Post-Republican America

Post-Republican America

Republicans are trying to find some way to keep their paycheck Party from dying.

Decent people should think of alternatives to a paycheck. The whole lesson of the past decades is that when it comes to a choice between paychecks and REAL opposition, Republicans always went paycheck.

There is nothing holy about a two-party system. The first Republican elected to the South Carolina state legislature was chosen in 1962. In the South, the Democratic primary was the election.

The facts of recent electoral history are absolutely under the Silence: Republicans have gotten more and more white votes, but the whites are becoming a minority. The only explanation allowed for the present system is that Democrats have gotten more and more minority votes.

Arithmetic tells us that if Democrats were getting more minority votes and Republicans were winning congressional majorities and presidencies, they had to be getting more and more white votes. The Silence on this simple arithmetic to keep getting their paychecks is an ABSOLUTE.

What happened was that Republicans went along with white genocide so they could keep getting their Respectability and therefore their paychecks as one of Two Parties, the Other Side of “Both Sides.” They were slowly hanging themselves, and the rope is now running out.

Which is what everybody knew and kept under the Silence for at least one generation. Segregationists knew it two generations ago.

The Republican Party is going away with the decades-long dream of the right taking over a major TV network. That great desire was based on the absolute conviction that the Modern Age would be dominated by network television as it had been by network radio.

And as I have been saying the whole time, the power of the future is never the power of the past GOP.

But white right energy has been squandered on the Republicans.

Maybe some of us, now that the GOP is pondering its burial ceremony, will stop spending energy on that relic and pay some attention to the new power struggle.