National Issues No More Mister Nice Guy: Bob Whitaker for President

No More Mister Nice Guy: Bob Whitaker for President

Very few voters really believe the choices they make will cause any real change.

No matter how they vote, the Nice Guy Network will still rule America. Politics will depend on phone calls between rich people, mob bosses, and politicians who are in on those phone calls.

I want to make a start at destroying the iron clad Nice Guy despotism. First, I will finance this initiative by enforcing 501(c)(3).

Tax deductible organization from universities to foundations have flagrantly spent time and resources advocating political dogma.

I will order the IRS to go back over the years and hold Harvard, churches, foundations and other tax-deductible organizations liable for billions of dollars in misspent funds and fines for illegally using their facilities for grossly political purposes.

How can these organizations, like Harvard which spends endless faculty hours openly pushing Marxism, make the slightest pretense that it does not violate its nonpolitical status? Because The Nice Guy Network protects this waste of taxpayer money for anyone who says he is “fighting racism” or capital punishment, or is providing sanctuary for illegal aliens or any other illegal but establishment-approved cause.