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New Orleans Is Tomorrow

Hurricane Katrina was a landmark that, as usual, no one noticed. It was the first time in history that foreign aid was a major factor in an AMERICAN disaster.

Historically it was the United States that provided aid when disaster struck, even the man-made Civil War disaster in the Ukraine and Russia in the areas that the Communists controlled in the early twenties, when a man named Herbert Hoover ran the effort. Until New Orleans, ALL such aid was one-way, at least since the saving of Jamestown in 1609.

But when blacks took over New Orleans, it ceased to be what was historically known as an AMERICAN disaster. It became a minority area disaster.

Katrina was a window on the “no whites” future dreamed of by “anti-racists.”

I have repeatedly made the point that no one in this generation knows what starvation really IS.

Jane Fonda, who of course was raised in poverty in her father’s house, is constantly talking about starvation.

You may have noticed that not one of the endless “public service ads” demanding private donations for colored countries EVER mentions the word “starvation” any more.

They simply show what wretched conditions the average child in a colored country has to live in. New Orleans was simply this world phenomenon coming to America.

When the colored world includes Europe and America, we will once again learn what the word starvation REALLY means.

But this changeover is not recognized because all people want to talk about is the latest news. When I was young the debate was about how fast each country’s economy was growing. The brilliant Intellectuals and Idealists of the USSR were “catching up” with the United States.

Note the term “catching up.” The United States at that time had 2.3% annual REAL increase in PER CAPITA income. The only debate was about how much faster other countries were catching up.

According to Soviet figures, the USSR was coming on fast.

That was the WHOLE debate back then, how fast America was GROWING compared with the “centrally planned economies” and Germany and Japan.

Once again, the least noticed thing that has changed is the thing that has changed MOST.

All of the old assumptions about GROWTH have been dead for over a generation.

In other words, the predictions of us racists stopped being PREDICTIONS decades ago.

We predicted a decline, but as a matter of simple arithmetic we will learn to take stagnation for granted and then we will learn not to notice decline.

Why should we apologize for being right?

We said that the decline of the white race meant stagnation and then decay.

We were dead right.

Everything is right on schedule.

New Orleans is tomorrow.