National Issues Neo-Marxism and Neo-Conservatism

Neo-Marxism and Neo-Conservatism

“Economics is Soviet leadership and electricity.” ~ V.I. Lenin

Here in a single sentence is the key to the success of Communist economics.

The problem is that Wordists use endless books to cover up the fact that this is ALL there is to Marxist economics.

You really, HONESTLY, HAD a bunch of self-selected “Intellectuals” who tried to run every bit of production and distribution from the Berlin Wall to the Pacific Ocean.

So no one besides Lenin ever stated it in plain English.

NeoMarxism gets by by never stating ANYTHING in plain English.

So, putting it in plain Mantra English, what is neoconservatism?

Neoconservatism means making a living by keeping up to date and only arguing about those neoMarxist programs which you are still allowed to debate.

For a long time I was genuinely puzzled that professional conservatives were such groveling cowards. Many older people today noticed nothing else, but they do remember how the National Rifle Association would never defend the Second Amendment with anything but the Right to Hunt.

We thought they were just salivatingly stupid, but after years I realized they were being professional conservatives.

NeoMarxists are as stupid as Lenin’s definition of economics. Neoconservatism is an “opposition” paid to block telling the simple truth.

We are well on our way to being the first people to die out because we pay people to be too cowardly to tell the truth.