National Issues Marxism and the Pope Agree on Production, But the Pope Has an Excuse

Marxism and the Pope Agree on Production, But the Pope Has an Excuse

Even Catholic National Review says that the Curia is further left on economic issues than most socialists.

I remember that when I was in my preteens I read a Papal speech where he said we were morally responsible for dividing up “what the earth produces.”

I was young enough to see bullshit when I saw it:

“The earth does not produce a damned THING!” I was so young I had difficulty believing an adult could say such a thing!

Two decades later they were calling this fact of life “supply side economics.”

My first thought was that Jesus had discussed only the plight of the poor, not production.

That would have passed with a theologian, but I was a literate Bible Belter.

I’d actually read the Book, and the Parable of the Talents is only one place where Jesus puts being productive into a moral context.

The Pope’s problem was that he was dealing with Liberation Theology, Marxism in Christian guise.

What is funny is that what the Pope said in his most zoned-out theorizing is, in fact, the Scientific Marxist idea of production.

Marxism is entirely about distribution. Marx said not a word about how the goods he wants professors to distribute came to be in the first place.

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