National Issues If It Isn’t Costly, It’s Not a Freedom

If It Isn’t Costly, It’s Not a Freedom

Today’s definition of freedom of speech is

“You can do anything that doesn’t offend anybody.”

By this definition, the slaves in the Old South were free men:

They had the right to do anything they wanted to, except what might offend their masters.

The American Freedom Party recognizes that freedom is not that easy.

Stalin and Hitler and every other dictatorship let people do anything they considered harmless.

That is not freedom. Freedom always offends others. Every piece of property you own is denied to someone else.

The right to peacefully assemble would mean nothing if it said what we say today, “You have the right to assemble peacefully provided you do not offend anybody.”

It is only a matter of time before someone says

“You have a right to live unless someone wants you dead.”

A right means nothing, be it a right to life or liberty or property, if anyone who is offended by it can take it away.