One good thing has happened in this campaign year:

Donald Trump, who is a billionaire who has not had to share the fate of us mere mortals on the ground, has run headfirst into the Screamocracy us mere mortals have to deal with.

He has had to limit his audience to supporters and have people kicked out who are screaming while he tries to talk.

The British Parliament is considering banning Trump from the country because he violated their Hate Laws on American soil.

Billionaires like Bill Gates and his father are firmly on the other side, because they do not live in the atmosphere of our Screamocracy, where you are routinely yelled down or physically assaulted if you say anything Politically Incorrect.

In Europe, the old crap about freedom has simply been abandoned.

Colored hordes, Instant Refugees, are just marching in. Europeans are scared to try to keep them out.

This is my campaign: bankrupt universities that ban speakers because “There might be trouble.”

Then if anybody un-PC shows up, the campus screamers riot.

If I am president, FEAR will no longer rule.