National Issues Definition of “Freedom” for the American FREEDOM Party

Definition of “Freedom” for the American FREEDOM Party

By our definition, freedom can be approached by defining its opposite: Tyranny.

Tyranny is nothing but freedom with EXCEPTIONS.

A slave in the antebellum South had the right to do or say anything he wished, but only so long as what he did or said did not offend his master.

The Soviet Constitution of 1936, issued by Joseph Stalin, guarantees a list of freedoms that makes the American Bill of Rights look pale by comparison. It guarantees absolute freedom of speech.

But Soviet Freedom of Speech did not regard anything that criticized the Worker’s State as freedom.

This tradition of slavery and Soviet despotism is represented by the fact that a person can say “HATE is NOT Freedom of Speech”, and nobody laughs out loud.

A people which hopes to remain free must instantly question EVERY exception automatically.

No society can remain free if it does not react INSTANTLY to any such “EXCEPTION.”

Some exceptions are valid. A free society must allow exceptions. But it must NEVER allow ANY exception to freedom go unchallenged.

The fact that people can get away with saying “Hate is not freedom of speech” WITHOUT CHALLENGE is a danger sign.

We cannot remain free if exceptions like this become slogans with no challenge to them.

“Heresy is not freedom of speech.”

“Subversion is not freedom of speech.”

How many people have died from the impositions of these little “exceptions?”

When  no one even questions any statement like “Hate is not freedom of speech,” it shows that we have forgotten what freedom IS.