National Issues Bob Whitaker Stands for Vice!

Bob Whitaker Stands for Vice!

The presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party, Kenn Gividen, has approved me as his running mate.

Mr. Gividen has also approved my running my own separate campaign. Probably reading this press release on my candidacy you will see that Mr. Gividen was wise to do so.

The Vice Presidency was created by the Founding Fathers as a direct substitute for the Prince of Wales.

“The King is dead! Long live the King!” is basic maxim of English governmental stability.

Like the Prince of Wales, our Vice President has no specific function so long as the President remains in office.

The only specific function of this office is that he preside over the Senate, but there are few legislative bodies on earth more capable of providing their own presiding offices than is the United States Senate.

Over two hundred and fifty years the United States has spent twenty-five years without any vice president.

I plan to use the Vice Presidency for a very specific reason.

The Vice Presidency is the only official in the United States besides the President who is nationally elected.

He is the only official outside of the President who can speak for the American people as a whole.

He can also harness the investigative powers of the United States.

To put this simply, only the Vice President is in a position to ask questions no other public official has the time or status to ask.

A Vice President can look into “Public Secrets.”

The Mafia was once a Public Secret.

Everybody knew about the Mafia. A third of the cost to the City of New York for garbage disposal was payouts to the Mafia.

But FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover denied the existence of the Mafia to his dying day.

The reason he denied it was because he couldn’t handle it.

The FBI took on the Klan, which only required planting a few informers, but the FBI’s image of being indomitable would have been ruined if it had taken on organized crime.

So Hoover just denied it existed.

Unless you have an orthodox Marxist or an orthodox conservative opinion, you have no freedom of speech on campus.

Like J. Edgar Hoover, the public will never admit that opinion on campus is severely limited to Marxists and a token few approved conservatives.

The fact that our campuses are ruled by lawyers and thugs is known by every person who makes it to sophomore if he has any opinions that don’t fit.

Thugs rule on campus is exactly like the Mafia to J. Edgar Hoover. It is a “secret” that everybody knows.

The Vice Presidency has no function. But it can have a MESSAGE.

Mine will be exposing Public Secrets.

A Public Secret incident happened in the South Carolina Democratic Primary in 2010.

The Democratic candidate for the United States Senate was not the one selected by all the known powers in the Pastry. A complete unknown got a majority in a state-wide major party primary.

Everybody knew why this happened, but not a single major news outlet, liberal or conservative, discussed the reason for it, because we all KNEW the reason for it.

What had happened was that the lists handed out for blacks to vote for had gotten the wrong name for the Democratic Senate nominee they should vote for.

There could be no other reason, but that one would ruin any newsman’s career. He would be branded a Nazi for saying that blacks vote like sheep.

He would be branded a Nazi for saying that black churches openly violate the Federal laws about tax deductible organizations being in actife politics in way that wojud get a white minister thrown into a Federal prison.

In J. Edgar Hoover’s day, organized crime was in the same position. Under the law, one could only prosecute someone on a murder charge if they were directly connected with the murder.

The FBI also let big drug dealers alone the same way they did other organized crime.

Until the RICO Act was passed, the only people who could be successfully prosecuted were the tiny little dealerw on the streets who could be caught with the drugs on them.

So Hoover simply denied that organized crime existed.

Those of us in a position knew exactly why but no one in the press discussed it.

Public Secrets are everywhere. A college administrator bans any expression of opinion he doesn’t like simply by saying, “It will cause trouble.”

How is that different from big time thugs in New York who took a major part of the City’s budget by saying that if payment is not made for garbage delivery, “There will be trouble.”

So my campaign will begin with exposing public secrets.

And the vice presidency would be made worthwhile if it were dedicated to making Public Secrets public.