National Issues Bob Whitaker — A One Man Revolution

Bob Whitaker — A One Man Revolution

The President cannot make laws, but he has absolute discretion in refusing to carry them out.

The one critical plank of the 1860 Republican platform was that the Party refused to enforce a Supreme Court decision.

In 1834 Andrew Jackson said, “The Supreme Court has made its decision. Now let it enforce it.”

The Federal Courts have declared themselves to be the Constitution.

The President can declare they are not.

The President can not only refuse to enforce Court decisions, he can also refuse to spend funds appropriated by Congress.

Today one can gather a statistically significant group of voters on the internet. That number is a few thousand.

The President can gather one statistically significant group after another and show them what projects Congress has approved and they are paying for.

A statistically significant group of taxpayers will be asked if they want to pay for each hundred million dollar project in some congressman’s district.

If they say no, President Bob Whitaker will not allow the funds to be spent.

Do you want the present standard and packaged president or do you want Bob Whitaker?