Foreign Policy If Your Heart is in Israel, Your Butt Should be in Israel

If Your Heart is in Israel, Your Butt Should be in Israel

Abraham Lincoln must have been God, because he is supposed to have performed trans-substantivity.

In a speech far shorter than a Mass, the God Lincoln transformed our Declaration of Independence into a statement that we ruled the world.

Let us see if anybody remembers what the word “independence” means.

Independence means we are dedicated to one thing, and the one thing is that you don’t run our affairs and we don’t run yours.

Lincoln declared that the Declaration gave us the power to force our version of equality anywhere on earth.  General Wesley Clark declared that American troops should be used whenever we feel like it to enforce racial quotas in Europe.

People say Lincoln was God and Clark his Prophet.

I think they should have been committed.

The Founding Fathers knew exactly what “independence” meant and they stated it: “To maintain the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

No congress today would allow such a statement even to be proposed for the Constitution.

It is Nativist and Evil and God will get you for it.

The actual Constitution says not one word about jamming equality down throats around the world.

The Preamble to the real Constitution is that we should have no immigrants unless their presence is good for the people already here.

No one who thinks Lincoln is God will know any real history. So they think there were a lot of immigrants who helped adopt the Constitution.

Actually, the generation that adopted the Constitution had the highest percentage of native born white Americans it has ever had before or since. It is not incidental that the President had to be born here.

I would be a good president if only because I am the only candidate who has ever READ the Constitution.

There is no evidence that anyone else running for office has.