Foreign Policy A Disunited Europe

A Disunited Europe

One thing nobody but me discusses is the fact that Communism is he first system that failed purely because it was silly. The European Union is collapsing for exactly the same reason.

The theory behind United Europe is multiculture and multiracialism.

But let’s translate that into English. Europe is now operating under the theory that the people who inhabit a country have nothing to do with the nature of the country. A brown Germany will still be Germany as long as it hires the right professors and has the books and documents Germany consists of.

In the New Right Papers I wrote the forbidden words: “Mexico is poor because it is populated by Mexicans.”

We see that in the Euro currency crisis. The Euro was based on the idea that a European currency could ignore the fact that Greece is still run by Greeks and Italy is still run by Italian politicians. Pieces of paper would take care of that because only anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews would say that economics is not just a matter of paper.

So they drew up some papers that made Greece, Portugal and Germany one, a single economy with a single currency.

You see, what finally killed Communism was the simple fact that an entire economy run directly by bureaucrats is ridiculous. It is unworkable.

What is killing the economies that adopted the Euro is the idea that Greeks are Germans.

Americans love to repeat “America is a Land of Immigrants,” but they get all upset about the open borders because they don’t want to live at a Mexican level.

These absurdities are becoming practical, not just theoretical, as they did when the USSR showed its first sign of unwillingness to shoot anybody who disagreed. The whole facade collapsed instantly.

We will see more facades, like the Euro, collapsing.

We have seen a total change in attitude about immigration since the 70s, when Joe Sobran demanded open borders and Pat Buchanan said we fought World War II to open Europe to third world immigration.

But the libservative establishment keeps people from looking at the real reason that this crap is crap. Nobody openly discusses the fact that Communism collapsed because the Mommy Professors who said ”Intellectuals Should Rule’ were total and complete morons.

No one openly discusses the fact that a country which says that the people have nothing to do with the country they inhabit makes all immigration laws immoral.

Their stuff doesn‘t work because it is ridiculous, not because it is somehow subtly and intellectually incorrect.

Point and laugh at them and they will cower back into the holes they belong in.