Wordism vs Nationalism

Michael C. Tuggle’s Edgefield Journal article, “True Believers and the South,” reminded me about Eric Hoffer. Hoffer was a philosopher many of our so-called “intellectuals” are trying desperately to forget. He had several characteristics the modern academic cannot stand. To start with, the ideal of the modern
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What the Declaration Was Written For

Jefferson’s intent in drafting the Declaration was to write something all thirteen delegations could agree to. At the same time it had to appeal to the world in general. Historians always assume he was writing in a peaceful atmosphere about his abstract philosophical world view. No one ever mentions that there was
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Why None Dare Call It Treason

It is now official that Ted Kennedy was working with the Communists, while the Cold War was still on, to defeat Reagan. Old but true: “Treason never prospers, for when it prospers, none dare call it treason.” Incidents like this are simply forgotten. But the Kennedy incident was part of what I advisedly call a
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New Orleans Is Tomorrow

Hurricane Katrina was a landmark that, as usual, no one noticed. It was the first time in history that foreign aid was a major factor in an AMERICAN disaster. Historically it was the United States that provided aid when disaster struck, even the man-made Civil War disaster in the Ukraine and Russia in the areas
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Heredity and environment, nature and nurture. The problem is that nurture is a one-shot deal. Mommy Professor tells us that if you just let him rule for a generation, the world will be transformed. In fact, the effect of what you do to nurture in any one generation becomes less in the next and a […]
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