Campaign When It Happens, I Hear Silence

When It Happens, I Hear Silence

IT has happened!

“White genocide” is now officially viral.

I am sitting in the same room I have been in for the last 18 years where we developed the pro-white writing and memes.

My brother was shocked when the SPLC, through CNN, informed him that “Bob Whitaker has the most dangerous Hate Site in America.”

And when you translate that Anti-White language into English, they were dead right.

Ann Coulter has actually specifically endorsed the concept of White Genocide in plain English.

As for Trump, this is how I think it will play out. I was South Carolina’s first Young Republican chairman in 1962. By then, over fifty years ago, all of us were familiar with the standard operation of all Republican nomination candidates.

They come in and take the lead by making semi-heretical statements, as Trump has. They keep right on the edge of hTrump_White_Genocideeresy until the primaries and caucuses are over.

Then they have to get the Republican Leadership to nominate them. That’s when they start denouncing all outright heresy.

What has Trump done on white genocide? He retweeted a white genocide tweet.

Exactly half of the people I talk to say this means he has accepted the white genocide concept. Half say he hasn’t. Coulter stated it herself and endorsed it.

If the world stays the way it has always been, Trump will denounce the concept of white genocide once the primaries have passed.

Watch for Trump and Lindsay Graham, the classic pro-immigration senator from South Carolina, shaking hands on some modified Path to Citizenship legislation.

If and when Trump endorses the deadly heresy of white genocide in so many words, I will be the happiest man who was ever mistaken.

Meanwhile, Trump is right there where all Republicans have always been: On the edge of outright heresy and ready to denounce it when the time comes.