Campaign Trump and the GOP Succession

Trump and the GOP Succession

Barry Goldwater always felt inferior to the snobs his side chased out of the Republican Party to take it over briefly.

The minute Goldwater got trounced in the election, he called the old Establishment and grovelled and pissed his way back into their grace.

Upon getting the nomination in 1980, Reagan sealed the Party’s long-term doom by, albeit reluctantly, taking on George Bush as his VP and successor.

Win or lose, we can only hope that Trump will not become the typical Grovelling WASP.

In 1964 Goldwater doomed the Party to many years of moderation and disaster.

In 1980 Reagan gave those same moderates back control of the Party in 1989.

To younger people, this election is everything.

To me, no matter what happens, there will be many more.

What Trump decides to do AFTER his nomination will be a big decider of our future.

Will he, like Reagan, give the moderates SOMETHING, like Bush, which meant everything in the future?

Will Trump, unlike Goldwater, insist on his right to say what he says, and not grovel to the establishment and give the future to them, as Reagan and Goldwater both did?

Will Trump be Trump, and take victory as VICTORY, without conceding the future to our enemies?