Campaign Stop X Means X Has Got It

Stop X Means X Has Got It

I have been through about fifteen presidential election campaigns.

I seem to be the only living person who remembers the simplest things that happened in them. Many, many, many times the media didn’t like the frontrunner, whom I’ll call “X.” Or they just got bored with the frontrunner. “X is still ahead” is a tiresome thing to keep repeating.

So then there develops a “Stop X” movement.

In every election I remember, fifteen or so, a “Stop X Movement” always preceded the victory by X anybody with a memory knew was coming. “Stop Trump” is at its height.

As they did with Goldwater, the Republican establishment will abandon their candidate in outright treason.

In 1964, it was the liberal and moderate Republicans who did the open betrayal. This time, it will be National Review cuckservatives. Liberal Republicans then, in 1964, were terrified the New York Times would call them names if they went with Goldwater.

The traitors this time will do it for exactly the same reason: they will sell their mothers if it means the media won’t call them “racists.”

Barry Goldwater’s response to this betrayal was to turn the Party back over to the people who had betrayed him.

Reagan’s first act as Republican nominee was to turn the future of the Party over to George Bush.

I hope Trump will not react to cuckservative treason and will show some cojones. Reagan and Goldwater embraced the traitors. Trump may not.

They will betray him and defeat him in 2016.

If he shows the balls that Goldwater and Reagan lost, his group will take back the Party in a few years and win with it one or two elections from now.

Anyway, because the media is so anti-Trump, nobody interests anybody EXCEPT Trump.

The Stop Trump campaign means that Trump has got the nomination.