Campaign American Freedom Party Announces Vice Presidential Candidate Tom Bowie

American Freedom Party Announces Vice Presidential Candidate Tom Bowie

The American Freedom Party’s presidential candidate Bob Whitaker recently welcomed Tom Bowie as his vice presidential running mate.

Thomas Bowie is just an average blue-collar guy who awoke to the fact that this so-called “Race Problem” was just an Anti-White Scam to promote White Genocide.

Tom was raised by his Grandparents and his Grandfather made a living as a sharecropper and eventually gained a small family farm of his own.

Tom Bowie attended vocational training while still in High School to become a florist and landscaper. However, he ended up talking to a recruiter and joined the USMC at age 17 shortly after graduation.

After Military service, Tom worked as a laborer in construction until he became a commercial waterman working for himself for many years.

He joined The Maryland Defense Force under the Maryland Military Department where he used his position as an opportunity for volunteering within his community where he logged in 1,000s of hours of community activity over his years of service. He received many awards including the Maryland Commendation Medal and Meritorious Service Medal.

With the go ahead from his battalion commander 1SG Bowie formed a S.T.A.R. (State Tactical And Response) Team trained to respond rapidly and assist local and state authorities in any emergency. 1SG Bowie and S.T.A.R. Team responded to events ranging from Forest Fire, Tornado and Emergency Shelter Operations.

1SG Bowie also chartered an Explorer troop under the Boy Scouts of America Program with backing from his battalion commander, so that young Men and Women could gain skills for a possible military career while serving their community.

Later he took a job with the State of Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene as a Health and Safety Specialist and Special Police Officer.

Since becoming aware of the ongoing program of White Genocide, Tom Bowie has dedicated himself to raising awareness and opening discussions on this topic to help ensure the survival of his race, the White race.

“Tom is just the kind of candidate anti-whites who yell about the working class want to keep out of elections,” said Whitaker, who has organized marches of thousands of real working people in Washington, DC.

“And like me,” says Whitaker, “Tom condemns today’s doctrine of white self-hatred and sees so-called Diversity for what it is, white genocide.”