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Politics is a Rough Game, Wimps LOSE

Conservatives are constantly bitching about how liberals are getting absolutely absurd in their use of the word “racist.” One liberal’s advice they quote was, “Pick a conservative and call him a racist.” But the respectables never talk about WHY liberals are now so blatant about the racist label. They use it
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What the Trump Vote is All About

The Trump Message can be put into simple English. The Trump Message is four words long: “We don’t LIKE you.” And those four words are poison to the establishment. It is all supposed to be voluntary. The whole system is based on the idea that whatever is happening, it’s our choice. This time people aren’t trying
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Hire Our Own

When Linda Evans announced that she would get no more parts because she was an outspoken conservative, National Review charged in to defend Hollywood against any charges of discrimination. Nobody gets more excited defending the left than respectable conservatives do. The fact is that a Marxist MUST hire only his
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New Orleans Is Tomorrow

Hurricane Katrina was a landmark that, as usual, no one noticed. It was the first time in history that foreign aid was a major factor in an AMERICAN disaster. Historically it was the United States that provided aid when disaster struck, even the man-made Civil War disaster in the Ukraine and Russia in the areas
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