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If We Are Heretics, Who is Your Pope?

Respectable Conservatives make their livings by avoiding the questions that matter. Respectables make liberal interviewers feel comfortable. I can’t get an interview because I ask nothing BUT the wrong questions. So we have an endless barrage of respectable and liberals shouting that Trump is heresy. But the way
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The Constitution Versus Freedom

I was dating a young woman, and, not for the first time in my life among people, I expressed an opinion she didn’t like. She replied, “You know, until now I thought a lot of you.” My reply was, quite sincerely, “If your good opinion is that easily lost, I’d rather not be burdened with […]
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Wordism vs Nationalism

Michael C. Tuggle’s Edgefield Journal article, “True Believers and the South,” reminded me about Eric Hoffer. Hoffer was a philosopher many of our so-called “intellectuals” are trying desperately to forget. He had several characteristics the modern academic cannot stand. To start with, the ideal of the modern
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“Officer Brian, you reported an armed robbery. Do you have a description of the suspect?” “Yes.” “Well, give it to us.” “I said I HAVE it. I’m not sure I can give it to you.” “Why, didn’t you see him clearly?” “ I didn’t say it was male.” “Was it a female?” “Sergeant, more than […]
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Flat Earth Philosophy

Wordism cannot allow freedom of speech because Wordism is based on a particular set of opinions. That is what Wordism IS. Discussion of differing opinions makes a Wordist society unstable. A society based on loyalty to race can allow freedom speech. But it cannot allow freedom of LOYALTY. In America before the
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